How I Organize my Printables


So you’ve printed out all those fun activities for your kids, gone through countless packages of ink, and pretty much laminated everything in sight?  You feel proud of yourself, but then you say, “Now where do I put all this stuff?”  Today I’m going to share with you how I organize all the things I print out for my children to use with homeschooling.  Be sure to scroll all the way down to watch the video too.

1.  I decided what categories my printables would belong to.  For example; I have categories based on subject (alphabet, phonics, shapes, counting, colors, etc.)


2.  I typed the categories names onto these labels here and printed them out on full-sheet label paper.  Then I cut them.

3.  I put the labels on gallon-size plastic bags.  I store all the printables for that category in the bag.

4.  Finally, I put the bags into bins based on category, and store the bins in my cabinet.  For example; I have a “math” shelf in my cabinet and all the math bins go on that shelf.

dji_udc_pencil little_c WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW FOR MORE:

dji_udc_pencil little_c DOWNLOAD the Edit-Your-Own Labels Here.

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