Ideas For Teaching Name Recognition (Preschool)


In the video below, I share with you all these fun activities for teaching your preschooler their name!


  1.  Use letter tiles, magnetic letters, or any other letter manipulative.  Have them put the letters of their name in order.

  2. Take a picture of your preschooler, use letter stickers and cut the picture up.  Have them put the picture back together to spell their name.

  3. Type their name in different fonts. Print out and put in a plastic sleeve.  They use a dry erase marker to trace.

  4. Give them an alphabet chart like the one in this chart pack here.  Have them use objects to cover up the letters in their name.

  5. Use these alphabet sticks here with play-dough.  Have them make their name and put it in order.

  6. Use salt in a box.  Have them use a pencil to make the letters of their name.


dji_udc_pencil little_cDownload the Alphabet Sticks Here!

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