Colors, Colors Everywhere!


One of my favorite things about being a mom of preschoolers is teaching them their basic skills.  They just soak it all up and get so excited when they are learning!  One concept every preschooler needs to learn is color recognition.  So, of course, I created some activities for teaching little ones their colors.  I explain the activities below.  Be sure to scroll all the way down to watch the video!

dji_udc_pencil little_c DOWNLOAD all these activities here.

1.  Colors Flashcards

I made these flashcards, laminated them, and put them on a book ring.  We use them as regular flash cards, but I also give my preschooler objects to match.  For example; we flip to the yellow flashcard and then my preschooler has to find a yellow button, or a yellow crayon, etc.


2.  Color Puzzles

There are three different type of color puzzles I created.  I have my preschooler put the puzzles together, and then find objects that match the color of the puzzle.  I also use the puzzle pieces as a matching activity.  


3.  Color Matching Activities

I created a colors chart, and color cards that preschoolers can color.  They use the colors chart and cards to do matching activities using manipulatives (crayons, baby food lids, buttons, pom poms, etc).  Then they can use the pieces to match them in a pocket chart, or on a cookie sheet.


Now, WATCH THE VIDEO below to see all these activities in action!


dji_udc_pencil little_cDOWNLOAD My Colors Activity Bundle Here!



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