Fall Easy Readers & Activities


It is hard to imagine, but summer is almost over and autumn will be falling in with its beautiful colors and cool temps.  Fall is my favorite season and I am so excited to share with you these fall easy readers I created (along with activities) for young learners.  Each book focuses on a skill that preschoolers/kindergartners need to master such as, beginning sounds, fall vocabulary words, poetry, and counting to 10. I will share with you all the activities below.  Be sure to scroll down to the bottom to watch the video.

  1.  Beginning Sounds Book & Activity

This book has pages with fall words on each page but the beginning letter is missing.  As we read this book, I have my students use magnetic letters to find the missing beginning sound. Examples:


2.  Fall Vocabulary Books 

These books are lot like the missing letter books above, however, the entire word is visual as well as the picture.  With very young children, I use these books and have them find the beginning letter (using magnetic letters) and match it to the picture.  See examples:


3. Fall Counting Books

I love to read these fall counting  books I created as well!  They are perfect for preschoolers or early kinder kids who are learning to count to 10.  I make the books interactive by pairing them with counters.  Have the students place one counter on top of each picture to count on the page.  In the example below we are using baby food lids as counters!



These are just some examples of the fun we’ve been having with these fall easy reader books I created!  Here is a list of all the books:

28 Books In All! (155 pages!!)

– Six fall word books (3 color, 3 b&w)

– Four fall beginning sound books (2 color, 2 b&w)

– Four Halloween words books (2 color, 2 b&w)

– Four Thanksgiving word books (2 color, 2 b&w)

– Two Fall Poem books (1 color, 1 b&w)

– Two “In The Fall” reader books

– Four Fall Counting books (2 color, 2 b&w)

– Two Halloween Counting books (1 color, 1 b&w)

dji_udc_pencil little_cDOWNLOAD ALL THESE FALL BOOKS HERE!

Watch the video:


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