Our Character Development Behavior System

IMG_20160823_134441 (1)

I created this behavior system to use with my homeschool children, but it would work great in a classroom as well. I wanted a way to help with my children’s behavior, while also teaching them about good character traits. I created what I call “reward cards.” I placed the name of a character trait I wanted my kids to learn on each reward card. When I catch my child displaying a certain character trait, I give them the reward card that matches that trait. They will add that reward card to their lanyard and wear it around their neck the rest of the day (they can earn more than one card per-day. In fact, as many as they can!!) They LOVE earning these cards, and it definitely reinforces the good behavior I am looking for throughout the day. I have my kids turn in the cards they earned at the end of the day, and we start over tomorrow. You may want to have your kids keep the cards they earn forever, and continue earning and earning. It’s totally up to you! I also decided to create reward cards for each school subject, that way if they do something really great in math, for example, they can earn a card. And finally, I created many “general” reward cards that I can give my kids for whatever I want! I laminated them as well, and I use a dry-erase marker to write on the back the reason they earned them. I hope your students enjoy this system as much as mine do!

Watch the video below, and then DOWNLOAD THE BEHAVIOR SYSTEM HERE!



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