Practicing Spelling Words with LEGOs

20141208_10125920141208_103708           For every mom of boys, legos are probably the one toy your kids couldn’t live without.  My boys are seriously in love with legos.  Maybe your kids aren’t like mine, but for whatever reason, legos are magical in our house.  We have bins of these things filling up their rooms.  The only hard part is keeping the baby from putting them in his mouth!  These things are EVERYWHERE!!  My favorite part is stepping on them in the middle of the night!  Ok, that was sarcastic, but it happens. 😉 20141208_104123

20141208_101622Anyway, I was trying to figure out a way to get my kids more excited about school.  Homeschooling is so fun for us, but the boys can get bored easily.  Especially when it comes to practicing spelling words, or writing.  So, as any good mom would do – I searched pinterest!  What did our moms do before the internet?  Really?  I mean, they had to be creative…on…their..own.  Sheesh!  he he..  Well, pinterest delivered – and I found something cool about turning legos into letters.

Basically, All I did was dig through their legos and pull out all the “blocks” with 2X2 (some were 2X3 or 2X4).  Then, I placed the “bumps” all to the right and wrote my letters on the side.  I wrote middle letters on regular 2×2’s, and I wrote tall20141208_103644 and low letters on longer legos.  Then the kids can put them together and make words.  I called out a spelling word off their list, and they had to create the word with legos.  Then they had to write the word on paper, and finally they had to spell the word out loud to me.  That way they were practicing the word 3 times!  Normally, they never would have done this and probably would have been crying.  Yes, my kids seriously dislike WORK.  (And we’re “working” on that…lol)  This worked GREAT, and they LOVED it!


20141208_101209  20141208_102001


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