Homeschool Art Fun! (Halloween Puppets)

20141003_135336 20141003_135341Ok, so my boys have been “begging” me to do an art/craft project.  I tend to want to keep to the basics when teaching (reading, writing, arithmetic, history, and science) because I feel that is what is most important! BUT…every once in a while I need to spice things up to make school more fun, or their eye-rolling is going to permanently mess up their faces!  Therefore, I gave in and made them some Halloween Puppets that they could put together. It actually turned out pretty fun.  All I needed to buy was some paper lunch sacks.  I created the puppets on my computer and printed them out.  The boys have been having a blast making up plays and acting out 20141003_14571920141003_145756“scary” stories.  Although, I don’t really love Halloween.  Being a Christian, I feel it is too much of a pagan holiday.  However, I think when you are a kid it is fun to dress up and eat candy…so I put up with it every year.  My husband LOVES Halloween.  What is it about men and scaring women?  Seriously!  I grew up with 3 brothers and it seemed they were always scheming about how they could scare my mom or me.  Now, it’s my husband I have to worry about.  He loves scary skeletons, or weird looking clowns at Halloween.  And…his most favorite prank is after he kills a spider, he throws the kleenex at me!  Then he laughs his head off watching m20141003_145559e scream and run around like a crazy lady.  Anyone else relate?  I think God made men like this because He himself has a sense of humor.  Either that, or he just wanted to torture women for being the first ones to eat of the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.  Either way, I could do without scariness altogether.  But alas, I regress.  Anyway, the kids really did have a blast putting together these “scary” puppets.  If you’d like to download your own copy and make them with your kids be sure to click here or the picture below. 🙂

Fh_Halloween Puppets Cover


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