Making Baby Food

I just filled my fridge with homemade baby food.  It saves sooo much money making it myself!   I used my electric chopper thing (what do you call those..someone help me please!  I need to brush up on my vocabulary apparently).  Anyway, I did fresh strawberries,  a can of pineapple,  2 fresh oranges, carrots, and green beans. Basically,  I just pureed them each seperately and put them in plastic containers. (I save the ones that store baby food comes in and reuse them, and I also bought a few).  Also, a good tip: Use dry-erase markers to label them.  Then it just washes off in the dishwasher!   Wahoo.  I feel very accomplished.   Let’s see how long this food lasts.  I may need to freeze some. 🙂  How do you make baby food?



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