Chore Incentive Charts!

Hey Guys. So I was trying to get my kids to do their chores. I decided to create chore charts. 🙂 They must complete all the chores on their chart every day to earn a sticker. When they fill up their chore charts I’m going to let them each have 20 minutes to play apps on my phone. (That is what they REALLY want). I put a FREE download of these printable on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store HERE if you’d like to download them for yourself. I suggest thinking of something your child REALLY wants and making that the incentive when they fill up the chart!

Here is a picture of the charts put up in my older boy’s room:

chore chart pi

We’ve been using them for a few days now.  They weren’t “too” excited about them at first, but it is teaching them responsibility – AND – that if they work for something, they can earn something.  Don’t you feel like kids these days have an entitlement mentality?  We need to teach our children to work hard, and do things with a cheery heart.  (Easier said than done!)  But really, I want my kids to be hard workers.  I try to remind them that all we do we are doing unto the Lord, so we need to do our best!  🙂  I need to remind myself of that sometimes too.



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